Thursday, October 27, 2011

In re-construction

Now truly, I'm working to organise my last projects and actualise the blog. Soon, I'll have a web page too.

Estoy actualizando el blog y trabajando sobre la construcción de una página web.

Je travaille sur l'actualisation du blog, et la construction du site.

Sto lavorando sopra la attualizazione del blog e costruzione del web.


Monday, October 3, 2011

FRAC video/installation

"As the water falls..." is a project made for the FRAC space (Fondo Regionale di Arte Contemporanea), inspired in the specificity of Biella, its abandoned factories and the proximity of the river.
The exhibition was opened in September and stayed in the space till 29th of December 2011.
Italy, Biella, via Seralunga 27, Fondazione Pistoletto.
"As the water falls..." consisted in the video installation: the video conceived in the exhibition space, and wooden tube that contained the monitor where the video was shown.

Inside of the wooden tube you could see the film, 6h long, that would repeat in loop. Here, it's the mini-short-compressed version of it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

In-between... the final presentation of Unidee in Progress.

One of the main part of the "In-between" project was constructing a corridor, 35m long, as a place where the roles between the performer and the spectator get confused and/or exchanged. 
The corridor structure is built of wood and covered with space blanket (mylar blanket). It is filled with rope structures and lightened from inside. The corridor is a way that shapes the body of the person that gets in - obliged to bend or jump over and under the rope constructions. 
The inside part of the space blanket is silver, the way that the passing person can see merely their own reflection. The difference of the light condition (outside it's dark, inside is lightened) makes it possible, for the person being outside, to see perfectly what is happening inside, while the one that is passing through doesn't see anything except their own reflection.
The travellers, in the corridor become dancers. 
The situation converts everyone into performers and spectators, depending only on the fact if they decide to get in the corridor or stay outside.
My special thanks for help and moral support to Marco :) Sei il meglio di tutti :)

This are a different stages of my work on the installation that will be shown and used this evening at the Unidee in Progress.