Artist statement

My work is based on a permanent construction and deconstruction of forms and aesthetics understood in a traditional way. Interested in the contrasts and dualities I fuse them looking for the fragility of an ugly beautifulness or a beautiful ugliness. As a base of the movement research for my pieces I use vocabulary of a classical and contemporary dance, nevertheless always distorted. The “authentic movement” improvisation is another source of material for my choreographies.

This being my aesthetical interest, I work in the same time, on phenomena related to a contemporary individual: lack of roots due to migration, freedom, temporariness, instability, the sensation of the “fragmentation” and an aspiration of synchronicity. That is also why I dedicate a part of my reflection and research to explore the possible empathy between the public and the performer. I’m especially interested in activating the spectator’s senses and encourage them to take decisions about the level of participation in the creation and reception of the performance. 

Finding myself in-between the movement and the concept, I relate to the work of such choreographers as Sasha Waltz and Xavier le Roy. Starting from a concept, problem, observation of reality, I pass to the deconstruction of it and then to the movement research, in order to generate the material. Afterwards I compose the piece relating the movement, often abstract, to the context looking for the integrity of the concept and its representation.