Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm renovating a bit this blog. So don't be surprised if you see some incoherences and problems of visual composition :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Presentation of my installation / video

22nd of July I spend 11 hours closed in the empty space of FRAC (Regional Found of Contemporary Art), experiencing space and omnipresent sound of the river. I documented as much as I could - technically many times I wouldn't change the tape when it was finished, immersed in the experience.
You can see the compressed result of this exercise inside of the installation I built those days, thinking of the way of making you experience some of this immersion.
This evening, from 19h to 21h we're opening the FRAC space. And my work is there waiting for you to taste it while you're having a glass of wine :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



in collaborazione con:

Accademia Perosi onlus
Collettivo MDM
Groove aps
Oasi WWF Giardino Botanico di Oropa

Comune di Biella - Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili
Stalker Teatro - Spazio Spalancato


- Ore 17.00 – 19.30 negli spazi dei Giardini:
WORKSHOP sulle tecniche di tintura naturale delle stoffe
a cura di Ibada Wadud 

- Ore 17.00 – 19.30 negli spazi dei Giardini:
WORKSHOP per la creazione di una scultura verde
con il coordinamento di Olga Karyakina
e la collaborazione dell'Oasi WWF Giardino Botanico di Oropa

- Ore 18.00 – 19.00 negli spazi del Chiostro:
PRESENTAZIONE di un progetto, tra musica e botanica
a cura dell’Accademia Perosi 

- Ore 18.30 – 19.00 negli spazi della Caffetteria:
arrivo dei partecipanti al BIKE TOUR a cura di Raphael Franco
con proiezione della documentazione e tè per tutti

- Ore 19.00 – 20.00 negli spazi del Chiostro:
PRESENTAZIONE del workshop "Open Mic Lab"
a cura di Groove aps.

- Ore 21.00 nello Spazio Performance – Stalker Teatro:
PERFORMANCE di KAROLINA RYCHLIK, nel collaborazione con le signore di Biella (parte del projetto Biel.lana) 

- Ore 22.00 negli spazi dei Giardini:
PROIEZIONE ed ARTIST TALK a cura di Elmas Deniz 

- Ore 22.30 – 23.00 negli spazi dei Giardini:
JAM SESSION del Collettivo MDM
e PROIEZIONE LASER interattiva

Per info:

Sunday, September 4, 2011


The thread is an element strongly related to Biella’s history of the textile and wool production. As an object it has also a lot of different connotations, such as “thread of life”, “Ariadna’s thread”… A thread is very easy to convert in a geometrical line, or a time line, knotted it can serve of support and create textures.
After that comes knitting. It’s an activity that has a long history and tradition, that demands patience and time, and can give a very practical or poetic result. It’s an activity that many times was and still is making people gather, laugh, talk about life, dreams, past, present and future. A sweater, sock, scarf made knitting contains the time and personal story of a person who did it. It “remembers” the process, thoughts and ideas that were conceived meantime. It’s like an insect "frozen" in amber, a piece of somebody’s lifetime included in the wool structure. For me it’s the point where the connection between the thread and life happens, both supported by the time.
Two of my projects are related to this idea, and in both I decided to use a woollen thread. First project is related to my personal story, me being the one who makes a cloth and me doing a solo in it in the streets of Biella. My story "in-between" other Biella's stories. The second one works more with the idea of tradition, of the group creativity, and co-existence in the time.

Note from the continuation of the project - a video from the knitting action in the gardens of the centre of the city.