How do you see me?


me and Alma Sua, we're in the middle of a project that diggs in the subjects like: self image and how the others see you. We would really appreciate if you would give us some adjectives, phrases, images of how you see us. Sincerely. You have an option to make all comments anonymously.
We really will appreciate it. Please write the name of which one of us you're leaving the comment on.
Karolina & Alma


  1. Karolina:
    impulsive, talking a lot, pretty, nice smile, generous, nice boops, sometimes not getting to the point while talking, indecisive, intelligent, if I would give you a color you would be green.

  2. How is see Alma?

    vibrant, alive, dancing, explosive energy. also dedicated in life, celebrator of life in its pure form and moment.
    Alma is a good listener, she is interested from her sincere heart to feel and see the people around her.



  3. alma: straight forward, adventurous, willing, daring, matter of fact, physical, strong, androgynous, from spain, face of porcelain doll, melancholic eyes, poetic, curious

    karolina: dark & light, mysterious, sweet & bitter, delicate

  4. Alma:
    extrovert, mostly generating energy when being with people, open to adept, lots of Yang energy and masculine qualities, caring, responsible, likes to drink and smoke, she understands the art of enjoyment, great balance of freedom and responsibility, very available, hospitable, fun-loving, sex-loving, good food -loving, people-loving, self-sustainable, loud, having a good sense for the sonft tones, handy and practical, very sweet and fun to be with

    multi-lingual, indirectly shy but loud :)

  5. Alma:
    Adventurous, outgoing, always puts me in a good mood, get's me motivated to do better at my job

  6. alma: caring, strong, alive, full of positive energy, accepts people as they are and willing to give without expecting anything back. she really has an incredible capacity to make people feel good and have fun. also anxious, wants too much, too quick and too fast...easily distracted.

  7. Alma - I only know you from pictures on your FB: heard good words about you - so you have to be nice, colorful, smiling, loud (?), crazy, open mind.

    Karolina: travel, voyage, life on suitcases, 'dance, dance, otherwise we're lost', pierrot - once you smile and once you cry, multi-languages, speaking, shouting, smiling. Warm, dangerous, open minded, with porcelain heart. Nice hands, delicate. And nice feet. I see you always on the move, on the road. To see, to feel, to know new things. Eternal hunger.

    Good luck, girls,

  8. Karo,

    multi-talented, multi-lingual, fragile and strong at the same time, full of passion and amazing approach to the Art. Strong personality and good friend.


  9. Both of you are open, friendly, determined, fierce, strong, critically thinking, intelligent, spanish, enjoying life, women, interested, listening, but not silent.
    Good hugs

    i might come up with more later but this is on my mind right now


  10. Alma:

    one of those people who seldomly opens her eyes completely. Sleepy eyes I guess. First I thought she smokes pot like crazy because of this, and also because of her very relaxed mood. She articulates herself really clearly and seems to spend a time thinking about things. She's active. She's social. She can get going and go to a park to just hang around. She could do a lot of things and I wouldn't be surprised she did it. Like going around world. Going to sex parties. Maybe not. Starting a band. Benji-jumping etc. I feel like she can feel very strongly both positive and negative feelings. Soft. Smooth. Sunny. Thirsty.

  11. Alma: When I think of you I always have a picture of you from queensday two or three years ago ... You with wings, dancing arround .... I would say pretty intelligent, interesting creature you are ... Missing you :)

  12. Alma: one of the most smiling person that I have meet. =D
    Karolina: sadly, we didn't have the occasion to speak a lot. I hope we can have new possibilities next year.

  13. Karolina: Simpática, guapa, un poco loca pero a su vez divertida y sobretodo muy muy habladora, esta hecha una danzante. En definitiva un encanto.


  14. Beautiful girls. To know them is to love them. And you just have to dance with them.


  15. Alma: open, happy ,adventurous, sensitive, friendly, positive, easy in communication, knows how to combine the best of dutch and spanish culture
    Karolina: enterprising, adventurous, sensitive, friendly, positive, committed, organized, strong , speaks spanish

  16. Alma: joy, laugh, smile, warm heart, exited mind

  17. ALMA:
    capricious person
    obstinate person
    energetic person
    generous person

    show off person
    talkative person
    a little egocentric person
    crafty person

  18. Alma: bubbly, shiny happy, generous, deep, life loving, active, warm, light, special. I feel she has a hidden side that balances all the iperactivity but I don't know if she's in contact with it

    Carolina: really talkative, light, she makes me think about a cat both in positive and "negative" side (elegant and mysterious but also smart)

  19. Quando penso a LIBERTA' penso a Karolina. E' forte e allo stesso tempo Fragile. E' molto bella e gentile e guarda il mondo con punti di vista che io non sono mai riuscito a capire. Si muove sinuosa e quando sorride ti cambia la giornata. E' una persona che riesce a coinvolgerti nel suo mondo!!!

  20. Alma,, su nombre lo dice todo, es una buena alma viajera y es bonita y atractiva =) , she has a nice body , very nice vibe and beautiful smile, but thats what we can see, in the deep of her soul, she hide´s her dark side.. Salu2!!.. From México...

  21. Karol: sensitive, very Nice soul, good vibes energy, beautiful , smart and funny

  22. Karolina: ambitious, direct, creative, dynamic, energetic, self-confident, bossy,moody

  23. Karolina: energetic, talkative, spontaneous, out of schedule, open-minded, clever, crazy, friendly, beautiful, sensitive, creative, searching...

  24. Alma: strong - independent - undecisive - fair
    Karolina: good-will - open - sensitive

  25. alma: generous, active, smart, adventurous, sincere, sensitive, open-minded, good cook :P ;)

  26. Alma: es como un pececillo que intentas atrapar, pero siempre se escapa entre los dedos, ama vivir libre, por todos los lugares del mundo. le gusta viajar, experimentar ,y aunque es un poco culo inquieto, sabe volver de vez en cuando a los lugares que aprecia realmente, para estar con los suyos.Es muy sexi, sensual, bella y cariñosa. Siempre divertida y con una energia+ fuera de serie, que transmite a los demas cuando habla, baila, canta... Tambien es sincera y trabajadora y fuerte ante los obstaculos. le gusta el sol, la playa, el agua le encanta, pero en la montaña tambien es feliz. Le gusta trepar a los sitios mas raros,farolas, cabinas, estatuas...
    Es muy gamberra y desobediente,a veces un poco perezosa y caprichosa...
    en definitiva, es una bellisima persona en quien confiar y una amiga para siempre.

    karolina: libre, feliz, divertida y dicharachera, cuando rie no sabes si parara algun dia, o acabara llorando...
    guapa, sexi, sensual y traviesa, le gusta mucho jugar y bromear. Es muy viajera y soñadora tambien, y ademas es como la torre de babel, sabe tropemil dulce, cariñosa y amable.
    Es caprichosa, a veces le da muchas vueltas a la cabeza, es un poco obsesiva y complicada, pero tambien es una gran amiga a la que tener a tu lado, y una bellisima persona.

    os quiero lokitas!!!

  27. Alma: muy alegre, sociable, habladora, segura de si misma, directa. Quiere disfrutar de todo lo bueno, lo quiere vivir todo ya. Poca paciencia. Dispersa, creo que le cuesta centrar la atencion y se aburre rapido. Buena gente, sensual, superlinda.

    Karolina: Simpatica, sociable, algo introvertida, seria. Profunda. Creo que esta buscando mucho su propia manera, incluso su identidad? -> Vulnerable, algo insegura. Buena onda. Sensible. Le gusta vestirse sexy. Y le resulta. Tambien se aburre rapido, creo.


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